Trying Heroku

Well, it was basically an all-day exercise, but I migrated my first production app to Heroku.

“I’m making a note here; huge success.” – GLADoS.

Well, we’ll see when I switch the domain name to point to it…

Twitter. A Pox on BOTH of Your Houses.

Do you open your home or car window, and randomly shout nonsense at strangers? Now there’s a better way! Introducing Twitter! For all your spleen-venting needs!

I’ve deleted my Twitter account for the umpteenth time, but I’m not even going to rant about why this time around. Instead, I had a better idea. I had the “cloud to butt” browser extension installed for awhile, and it was mildly amusing. In that vein, I’ve forked that code, and created a “tweet to spew” extension. It was surprisingly easy to do, and the first version works pretty well.Spew This

Next steps:

  • Really make it personal, including a non-vulgar license which says the same thing
  • Grep and replace more phrases
  • Block the Twitter buttons and widgets as well
  • Make a Safari version, since that’s the browser I use most

Less flippantly, the trouble with my version is that “tweet” is both a noun and a verb, and, although spew has a noun form in spue (technically), spew really needs to be “spewage” in places where a noun is used, and I don’t know that I care enough to make the extension clever enough to handle the distinction.

Done With Twitter. Again. No, Really.

Every scroll through Twitter puts at least one person’s bad day, sh***y experience, or moment of snark in front of me. These are good happy people – I know many of them in real life – but for whatever reason, Twitter is the place they let their s**t loose. And while it’s easy to do, it’s not comfortable to be around. I don’t enjoy it.

via Look and Feel and Feel by Jason Fried of Basecamp.

This is why, for something-like-the-fifth, and final, time, I’ve quit Twitter. I’m fairly certain that my own negativity on the service got me passed over in one interview process. I got feedback that I was “too negative.” Too negative?! I started thinking about it, and then reviewed my Twitter stream. Sure enough, whether this was the negativity they were referring to or not, it was, like, 80% ranting and raving about one annoyance after another, mostly computer-related. And, sure enough, when I started really looking at the accounts I followed, I started noticing a lot of the same. The problem is that Twitter’s 140-character limit makes it only useful for the briefest of thoughts, and complaints, frustrations, and annoyances — and advertisements — usually fit quite easily. For a very long time, I had determined I was only keeping the account to follow 2 people I cared about, but that’s not enough any more. I’m done. And, like Jason F., I feel better.

Stack Overflow’s 2015 Survey, and Slashdot’s Predicable Discussion

So I caught this link on Slashdot, and there’s a lot of good information and trends revealed in it:

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015

My favorite part was the breakdown of desktop Linux choice. Ubuntu is far and away the leader here. If you expand the Linux subset to 100%, Ubuntu would have 60% of the market, and the next category would be “other,” with 20%.

Another interesting result of the survey was that developers were almost evenly split on the question of using tabs versus spaces for indenting code. And, of course, the discussion on Slashdot about the survey quickly devolved into a massive, pedantic circlejerk on this one, particular issue.

Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats – Slashdot

The Classic LucasArts Video Game, Outlaws

Outlaws + A Handful of Missions ●

The most awesome game ever
Puzzle level

This was literally my favorite game, ever, until Descent 2. And then came Unreal Tournament and Quake 2, and it all gets fuzzy from there. I voted for this game, and Good Old Games brought it back! Now I won’t have to fool with trying to install it from the CD’s, and searching the internet for the patches and add-on levels. I intend to harass my boys with a LAN party over the weekend.